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- Why politics?
1993 a member of the Swedish labour party asked me if I wanted to be a member of their party and I sad no!
A few years later a teachers told me to be a politicians, he sad - you've got it, but I refused!
Then I became a member of the board in the community I'm living in the cashier told me the same.
A week later I applied for membership in the Swedish LibDem party - FolkpartietLiberalerna!
- Why FolkpartietLiberalerna?
- From my poiny of wiew they have the most clear opinions about
- Migration policy
- School policy
- Defence policy
- European policy
- Energy policy
- And more !!

Why politics?
- The best way of societyengagement is politics!

About me
Born 1966--Sleeping single--Was growing up in Lysekil and Feel more like a citizen of Europe, than a pure Swede.
Had passed Maritime grammar school and some University Degrees
Enjoy a boardroom and run my own business, then Iḿ not working with healthcare.
Are interesting about issues about Eastern Europe.

Nicklas Gustafson info@kryssang.se
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